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Προμηθευτής: SANWEI

Από τα πιό ενδιαφέροντα ξύλα στην αγορά.Συνδυασμός Balsa και Carbon.

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The Feather Carbon is of extremely high quality. The handle rests exceptionally well in the hand and will make you want to try it out immediately.

The blade’s weight is very well-distributed, so it is not top-heavy. We weighed several of the Feather Carbon blades – all of them had a weight of well below 80g. The 5+2 veneer structure may remind many of a fast, offensive blade.

However, this not the case here. The balsa core veneer is followed by two relatively soft middle veneers, and the two subsequent carbon veneers ensure stability and an enlarged sweet spot. The most outstanding features of the Feather Carbon are its two hinoki outer veneers. This veneer composition will make any allround player’s dream come true. The blade offers high dynamics and power, a property desired by many players.

Nevertheless, the Feather Carbon provides great control and, thanks to the hinoki outer veneers, enormous spin potential. The Feather Carbon is ideal for offensive all-round players and variable attackers seeking a dynamic yet controlled allround blade enabling all stroke techniques found in modern table tennis.

Καθαρό βάρος: 75gr.

Φύλλα: 7ply

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