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SANWEI Multilayer W - FL

Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
Προμηθευτής: SANWEI

Mid-fast offensive blade by Sanwei.

Construction with a total of eleven wood veneers.

For players with long pimples and variable offensive players.

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Sanwei’s Multilayer blade series consists of blades with multiple layers.

The Multilayer W has a total of eleven wood veneers and a very unusual structure.

The blade was developed for a classical mid-distance game with high-rotation topspins.

It provides a medium-hard touch and great ball feedback. Especially in combination with harder, tacky rubbers, the blade develops its full spin potential.

Already when serving or returning, it enables dangerous strokes and multiple options for the first attack.

Long pimple players should consider the Multilayer W as an alternative as well.

On passive strokes, the blade slows down the speed slightly, making it a great weapon in combination with long pimples.

Καθαρό βάρος: 85gr.

Φύλλα: 11ply

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