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Victas Koki Niwa FL

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Manufacturer: VICTAS

The outstanding Japanese player Koki Niwa..............

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The outstanding Japanese player Koki Niwa who has been among the worlds top players for years is the leading contributor to the design of this premium product. This fine offensive blade is the perfect equipment for creative, close-to-the-table power table tennis. The innovative DSE Blade Technology featuring the two built-in synthetic High-Tech fibres optimize energy transfer into the ball. This feature enables risky counter-topspins with an aggressive trajectory and extreme spin variations in serve-and-return situations. The reinforced core ply combined with the power of the inner aramid carbon fibre is just perfect for fast mid-distance topspin rallies with optimized stability in extreme situations. The outer, very elastic Fleece Carbon provides for excellent feel and great spin development. VICTAS Koki Niwa is the ideal OFF blade for modern attackers.

Weight: approx. 88g

Handle: FL | ST 

Speed: 102 | Control: 92

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