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I have been dealing with table tennis for,about,50 years. Many years as a player and later as a coach.Certified since 1992.   Some circumstances, brought me into business with our sport.  So I got the exclusivity for Greece of CORNILLEAU competition products. Spearhead, of course, the world-famous  CORNILLEAU tables.

The photo is from my visit CORNILLEAU factory in 2013

 Today the brands,i represent,are four CORNILLEAU, XIOM, TSP / VICTAS, JOOLA

 Based on actual (and not commercial) informations, I am trying,as much as I can,to convey what I know (many or few).

In a sport with many products,athletes and amateurs need to be informed because they are "confused" with the good words that every company writes about ALL THEIR PRODUCTS.

 My friends know that the factory measurements  are not enough for me.. Each one gives "EXCELLENT" for its own rubber or blade.

So I am trying to check as much as I can.


    Good luck

 Yannis Kardiakos