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Manufacturer: SANWEI

Very fast offensive blade by the Chinese manufacturer Sanwei

Five wooden and two Kevlar veneers

For the aggressive offensive player

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With the Hynover the Chinese manufacturer Sanwei launches a very fast offensive blade.

The special thing about this blade is the 5+2 veneer construction, which can be hardly identified.

That is because the developer of Sanwei put two sheer birch veneers between the Hinoki outer veneer and the Kevlar-Carbon layers. According to Sanwei this causes a better speed transmission and less vibration.

The blade is quite fast, but because of the Inner-Carbon construction and the Hinoki outer veneers, it has a great spin development and enough control. It perfectly fits players, who act with spinny, but hard topspins.

The blade weighs about 90g, but is well-balanced and so seems to be lighter.

Net weight: 90gr.

Plies: 7ply Cevlar

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