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Manufacturer: SANWEI

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Sanwei created a really popular blades series: the hinoki carbon blades. These blades can perfectly be used with the plastic ball.

The combination of hinoki and carbon is perfect to create spin and power in all shots. Even the speed is really high these blades have an outstanding feeling thanks to the outer hinoki layers.

The HC-6S is beside the HC-3S the fastest blade out of this series. Sanwei has chosen a classical 5+2 veneer structure. Compared to the other blades out of this series the carbon layers are even harder and create more power and speed.

The outer veneers are made of the finest hinoki so that offensive players still can create a lot of spin.

Nevertheless, this blade was developed for aggressive topspin players that stay close to the table and seeking for a fast point.

The HC-6S can be perfectly combined with mid-hard rubbers as VEGA JAPAN, TARGET PRO GT-43

Net weight: 85gr.

Plies: 7ply

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