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Manufacturer: AVALOX

Latest blade of Avalox' famous P-Series Great playing characteristics - faster and stiffer than P500 but more control than P700

Suitable for attacking players looking for a dynamic blade with good control

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With the legendary P700 and P500 blades, AVX/Avalox had already set a high standard in the solid wood section. This successful blade series has now been completed with the P900.

The blades are entirely made in Sweden and characterized by their remarkable quality of workmanship as well as their splendid playing properties. The P900 is a nine-ply offensive blade. Like the P500 and the P700, this blade does not contain any additional materials.

Prompted by the introduction of the new plastic ball, the P900 was designed for fans of solid wood blades. Looking at the nine-ply structure, one might expect an extremely hard and rigid blade with a lack of control.

However, this is not the case: Despite the nine plies, the P900 is just slightly thicker than the P500 and even a little bit thinner than the P700. Using particularly chosen, relatively thin wood veneers, the developers were able to design a perfectly balanced offensive blade.

The P900 provides remarkable control while still offering sufficient power to stand long topspin-topspin duels from mid-distance.

Although relatively heavy (90g), the blade is nonetheless well-adjusted to players’ needs. It is not too nose-heavy and feels lighter than it is. 

P900 is designed for spin-oriented attackers, who are seeking a gentle yet fast offensive blade. The P blade series era continues with the P900!

Net weight: 95gr.

Plies: 9ply

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