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Xiom , the biggest and most famous Korean table tennis manufacturers, produces a wide range of high quality and professional table tennis equipment, suitable for beginners all the way up to the elite levels.

Most of their blades are made in Japan, Korea or China, whereas the majority of their rubbers made in Germany.

Xiom took the world table tennis market by storm in the early 2000s, with new and highly innovative products and packaging, adding new style and fashion to the game.



Our company originally started in 1976 as Champion Co., Ltd. We started by making table tennis tables at first, and slowly expanded by producing rackets, and other table tennis products.

We were very successful in Korea and became best seller for Table tennis tables and rackets in Korea. And due to fact Korea is probably 4th Largest table tennis market in the world, our company was very profitable company.

In early 2000, Philip Kim, the son of founder of Champion Co., Ltd takes seat as CEO of the company and asked for a change. Even though our company was doing very good in Korea, we had no market share for the blade and rubbers within Korea. Champion perhaps had 5% share of the rubber and blade market. Even though we were a company of table tennis, our professional equipments were somewhat behind our competitors such as Nittaku, Butterfly and other popular table tennis companies.

Philip felt that as long as we stay comfortably in Korea and not invest on professional equipments eventually the company will not progress forward.

Philip wanted to make the company different from any other table tennis companies and add value to table tennis world by creating something that no other companies can dare to try.
Starting 2004, we’ve started investing more money on professional equipments and recruited professionals to get the job done.
In year 2007, our company were able to come up with superior rubbers and blades to release them in the market.

But we felt that the name Champion was somewhat weak and conflicted with the Champion of USA, therefore we officially launched a brand, XIOM.

Since the release of XIOM, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • #1 in Korea for rubbers and blades (about 80~85% marketshare)
  • #2 for sales in rubbers in the world. (this data excludes Chinese brands such as 729, DHS, and etc)
  • #6~7 for sales in blades in the world. (this data excludes Chinese brands such as 729, DHS, and etc)