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Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
Προμηθευτής: CORNILLEAU

  • Manufacturing Sweden
    Feel Medium-Hard
    Weight 90g
    Handle FL/AN/ST

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The essence of Swedish expertise is featured by this top of the range 5-plywood blade. The external Anigre layers give the additional dynamism required for finishing shots. The thicker central structure, associated with the 2 walnut layers, provides this controlling blade great stability and exceptional versatility.

GATIEN EXPERTISE The « Jean-Philippe Gatien Blades Series » is based on my experience and my constant search for effectiveness. »

THE SWEDISH PERFECTION Within this field, Swedish know-how stands out as an absolute reference point : highest mastery in the choice of wooden essences, in their combination and assembly.

CORNILLEAU QUALITY For over 40 years, Cornilleau carpentry craftsmanship know-how, which has been successfully used on an industrial scale, has given an excellent level of understanding and knowledge in wood materials.

  • Manufacturing Sweden
  • Type Blade
  • Feel Medium-Hard
  • Weight 90g
  • Plywood 5
  • Ext plies Anegre
  • Thickness -
  • Handle FL/AN/ST


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