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Προμηθευτής: SANWEI

Slower version of Sanwei´s popular Fextra

Five selected wood veneers for classical all-round, and variable topspin players

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The Fextra by the Chinese manufacturer Sanwei is a classical, top-quality offensive blade that is already available on the market. The goal was to develop a classical all-round blade which works very well in combination with the plastic ball.

In contrast to the Feather Carbon, we did not want to include any additional materials for this blade and only used well-matched wood veneers. This resulted in a blade with a classical five-ply veneer structure. The core veneer is made of kiri and the two outer veneers of limba. The blade weighs about 90g and is minimally top-heavy.

One special feature is the handle, which is made of hinoki, making the blade rest comfortably in the hand. The available handle shapes are anatomic, concave and straight. Additionally, we offer the Fextra Allround Junior, which is identical in terms of its veneers structure but has a slightly smaller (yet not shorter) handle. The Fextra Allround is a great blade for classical allrounders and variable offensive players.

Thanks to its high control, the Fextra Allround offers exceptional spin and sufficient speed for controlled offensive play.

More spin-oriented, variable offensive players relying on controlled blades could combine the blade with modern rubbers with a built-in speed glue effect to create more speed.

In these cases, the Xiom Omega VII Euro on the forehand and the Nittaku Factive on the backhand are suitable options.

Conclusion: A great allround blade ideally suited for the plastic ball.

Additional information: blade weight: approx. 90g

Blade length: 15.8cm

Blade widht: 15.0cm

Blade thickness: 6.0mm

Blade construction: five wood veneers

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