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Very solid and perfected (after many months of tests and trials by players, coaches and instructors)

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Manufactured 100% in Poland, and the first of its kind in the world, very solid and perfected (after many months of tests and trials by players, coaches, and instructors), a set of lines made of as many as 60 running meters of 4 cm wide polypropylene tape, marking the playing fields for Badminton and AirBadminton for outdoor applications (plot, camping, park, beach, squares, clearings, etc.).

All elements have been connected only and exclusively with specialized thick threads, resistant to weather conditions and temperature changes, and additionally secured with the thermal welding technique ( without the use of glue! ), Thus it is extremely durable. Possibility of installation on grass (the set includes anchors/pegs mounted on solid rubbers, which prevents damage in the event of a possible "hooking" and returns to the original state of the pitch - as many as 8 attachment points with stretchers! ), Sand (anchors/pegs for beach surfaces, not included in the set ), and other "soft" surfaces. Possibility to designate, through regulations and markers, 4 different pitches to:

AirBadminton - Single (16m x 5m), Airbadminton - Doubles / Treble (16m x 6m): Blind Spot Lines (2m from the net space ), Serve Markers (on both sides), Net Markers in the center of the court (on both sides). To play AirBadminton, the AirShuttle (wind-resistant) shuttlecock developed by BWF (International Badminton Federation) is intended - not included.

Badminton - Single (13.40mx 5.18m), Badminton Doubles (13.40mx 6.10m): on the "short serve" and final lines there are "half serve" markers (single and doubles) used instead of the line (see visualization). The line of badminton doubles serve is replaced by black sliding loops, and to measure them, the set includes a "ruler" - a 76 cm long section of the tape (see visualization).


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