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Προμηθευτής: MIZUNO

Modern offensive rubber with built-in speed glue effect

47.5° hard sponge combined with an extremely non-slip surface

For technically savvy players

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The Japanese manufacturer Mizuno was previously known in Europe primarily for its high-quality table tennis competition shoes .

In Japan, however, Mizuno has been successfully offering state-of-the-art offensive rubbers with built-in speed glue effect for several years now, produced by ESN in Germany .

Mizuno has already achieved a real success with the GF-T rubber series . The rubbers impress modern attackers with their great spin and speed properties. Now the GF series has been expanded to include the GF Pro .

As the name suggests, this is a version for ambitious offensive players . With this rubber, both the pimple geometry and the sponge in the recipe have been improved. As a result, the spin and speed values ​​were improved once again .

The GF Pro has a very open-pored 47.5° hard sponge . This sponge was combined with a very spin-friendly surface . Players who operate at a high level and have the highest demands on a precise rubber are exactly right with the GF Pro .

The rubber impresses with its high explosiveness when playing close to the table . Hit spins and shots can be used to score points. In the half distance the GF Pro has very good speed reserves .

The flight curve is curved so that you can act very precisely in topspin-topspin duels.

Σκληρότητα: 47,5

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