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Προμηθευτής: Friendship 729

Long pimpled rubber made by 729 Friendship

Special Mystery sponge for high dynamic

Thin pimples, perfect spin reversal

Available in 0.8mm


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The 755-2 mystery will bring joy to all pimple players and leave their opponents puzzled.

Since the ban on frictionless long pimples, it has become quite difficult to find an appropriate replacement, especially for disruptive players.

755-2 is most suitable for blocking and counter-attacking close to the table. The medium-hard Mystery sponge possesses a good dynamic. Arriving topspin strokes can be blocked effectively with a flat bounce and a good spin reversal.

The ribbed and very thin pimples allow for a very good disruptive effect.

On top of that, players can lift the ball dangerously to disrupt the rhythm of their opponents.

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