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Προμηθευτής: CORNILLEAU

Εξωτερικού χώρου περιορισμένης εκδοσης(παραγωγη 1000 μόνο τραπέζια παγκοσμιως).

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This outdoor, weatherproof table tennis table is a must for any Star Wars enthusiast.

Exchange lightsabers for table tennis bats and let the battle commence! The Star Wars table is a limited edition with only 1000 tables being produced. Each one will bear a metal plate engraved with its unique production number. On the technical side, the table is completely weatherproof and has a great playing performance. Features include 2 brakes, storage for your bats and balls, a retractable net, large double wheels and the playback facility. The table is designed as a weatherproof model and can be left outside all year round in any weather conditions: rain, ice, snow etc.

It has a 10 year guarantee to this effect.



STAR WARS bats and balls set

Based on their solid experience of outdoor equipment, Cornilleaus engineers have developed a patented four-material durable bat. This outdoor Star Wars branded bat stands apart in terms of performance. This is a fast, high-precision bat thanks to its sponge-backed smooth rubber cover. The materials selected offer improved resistance to shocks and weather conditions. Great product durability, without compromising quality of play. The pack includes 3 branded balls and 2 bats. Challenge Darth Vader and let the force be with you!

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