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  • Speed 1

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Pilot Sound Power is one of the most sonorous rubbers on the market. With its 35° IN-TENS² sponge associated with its grippiest and most optimised top-sheet (GRIP EXTEND and SOUND technologies), Pilot Sound Power is a genuine concentration of energy and sensation.


GRIP EXTEND The GRIP EXTEND top-sheet, by its elasticity and impressive level of grip, will allow you to put more spin on each ball.

IN-TENS² The IN-TENS² sponge is at the pinnacle of the market&rsquos references in terms of the transmission of energy. It fully satisfies the expectations of even the most demanding players by providing enhanced contact with the ball, precision and comfort. It also guarantees maximum enjoyment thanks to the sound emitted with each stroke.

SOUND The optimisation of the density and geometry of the pimples is one of the keys to performance with the coverings. The SOUND combination guarantees sensation and decibels.

  • Approval ITTF
  • Top-sheet colors Black / Red
  • Manufacturing Germany
  • Compact concept Sound
  • Strategy OFF+
  • Sponge concept In-Tens²
  • Speed 135
  • Sponge thickness 2.0 / Max
  • Spin 140
  • Sponge color Orange
  • Loop trajectory Medium
  • Sponge Hardness 35°

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