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Cornilleau 400 M outdoor

Διαθεσιμότητα: Κατοπιν παραγγελίας 15-20 Μέρες
Προμηθευτής: CORNILLEAU

Playing in all seasons? The SPORT 400 OUTDOOR can resist all variations in weather

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Playing in all seasons? The SPORT 400 OUTDOOR can resist all variations in weather. But this isn't its only advantage: its 6-mm panel has a MATTOP antiglare coating.

No more excuses for missed shots due to the sun! And with an excellent rebound, the first spin you'll give to your ball will be perfectly transmitted.

Storage of bats and balls, height and tension of net can be adjusted and is retractable when the table is opened and closed, with 4 corner protection pads, brakes and adjustable leg assembly units, the SPORT 400 OUTDOOR is a complete table offering great comfort of use and optimum safety levels.

Performance and comfort of game Arched Leg 100 x 60 mm Adjustable feet - Diameter 120 mm Net, adjustable for height and tension Anti-glare treatment: MATTOP reduces sun glare on the surface by a factor of 10 Security of use DSI system: 16 automatic locking points for the highest level of security available on the market Meets EN 14468-1 standards Retractable Net 2 brakes for great stability and playing confort 4 corner protections pads for maximum safety Ergonomics Central unlocking handle Wheels with brakes adapted for outdoor use - diameter 150 mm Storage balls and bats Compact Technology minimises storage space Resistance Resin laminate resistant to extremes of weather and bat blows Treatment Varnish + Aluminium/Zinc + Steal Inalterable white lines Bats cover Dimensions and weight Storage : L 1m67 x lg 0m75 x H 1m55 Table weight : 68 kg Packaged weight : 79,5 kg Approval FFTT* Leisure (French Table Tennis Association) guarantee 3 years ( 10 years for panel )