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Προμηθευτής: CORNILLEAU

Target Pro GT-S39 is a soft, dynamic but also very loud sounding rubber that lavish players expecting rubbers to be music to the ears.

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The GRIP EXTEND PLUS compacts enable you to transmit even greater spin in every phase of the game through their increased elasticity and impressive level of grip.

MICHELIN PERFORMANCE Each covering top-sheet developed by Cornilleau and Michelin experts has a special formulation to optimise elasticity and also a unique pimple shape.

The GT (GREAT TENSION) evolution of our NEXTENS sponge provides additional strength, as well as transmitting greater rotation onto the ball.

SPIN -DRIVE 3D technology consists in optimizing the three factors of pimples performance: shape, size and density.

Approval  : ITTF

Top-sheet colors : Black / Red

Manufacturing : Germany

Compact concept  : Spin-Drive 3D / Grip Extend Plus

Strategy : Off+

Sponge conceptNextens GT

Speed : 145

Spin : 170

Sponge thickness : 2.0 / max

Sponge color :White

Loop trajectory : High

Sponge Hardness : 39°

Ταχύτητα: 145

Spin: 170

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Επιστροφή σε: NON STICKY