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Προμηθευτής: JOOLA

The JOOLA Quattro Carbon is the innovative result of two specially coordinated components:

Five selected wood veneers harmonize excellently with 4 UD-carbon fibres and generate impressive playing characteristics.

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The 4 UD-carbon fibres are unidirectional, which means that they are placed parallel to each other, without being interwoven. This gives the JOOLA Quattro Carbon the highest speed attributes and direct playing characteristics, which is ideal for a risk-orientated offensive game at the limit.

The horizontal course of the inner and the contrasting vertical course of the outer UD-carbon fibres cause an even, controlled ball ejection and add stability.

The core of the fast JOOLA Quattro Carbon is the soft Samba veneer. Together with the very light and also soft Balsa layers, which lie on the inner UD-fibres, this gives the blade more feeling when hitting the ball and a lot of control. This hybrid combination out of hard synthetic fibres and softwood veneers make the Quattro Carbon a perfect choice for players, who are looking for highest speed and stability combined with a good measure of control.

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