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GEWO Ball Double Star SLP 40+ 72er white

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Manufacturer: CORNILLEAU

Ideal for club training, multi-ball, and robot training.

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<p><span>Trainingball poly seamless</span><br /><br /><span><strong>GEWO Double Star SLP 40+</strong> - high-end training ball from <strong>GEWO</strong> made from seamless poly material.&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Ideal for club training, multi-ball, and robot training.&nbsp;</span><br /><span>It took the GEWO team of experts ("Designed by German Experts") countless material testing sessions, involving our contract players, trainers and clubs, to finally design and develop a marketable ball.&nbsp;</span><br /><span>The GEWO Double Star SLP 40+ is a ball featuring unbeatable price-performance ratio, consistent spin and bouncing characteristics and long life ("Optimized Hardness and Durability").</span></p>

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